Timeless Selling Techniques


Proven ways to help you sell more, easier, faster

Colin Pearce

Sell more, easier, faster.

The timeless selling techniques in this course will help you sell more, easier, faster. You will learn to: • Ask the right questions without looking shifty, • Answer without appearing dodgy. • Close more sales in less time with less effort.

Colin Pearce

FREE TRIAL: Fast start to sales

Cut your induction time to shreds and get new employees (experienced or newbies) started fast. Stay the right side of the law too, so they know WH&S, policies, procedures, quotas, order processing, work expectations—even managing complaints.

Colin Pearce

Convert your phone leads

Business and professional practice owners waste money every day when they and their staff blow leads—leads that cost hundreds, maybe tens of thousands to get. Most don't have a clue they do it. This intense course will put an end to wasted leads.